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History Of Masakapalli

Masakapalli History

Masakapalli is small Village situated in Andhra Pradesh, East Godavari, India. This place has lot of significance in old epics and Puranas.

This village is near by the bank of the River "Godavari", here in this place the River Godavari has a special significance of having it's 3 sub rivers integration called "Paya" in Telugu namely Aaterya, Bharadhwaja, Gowthami.
This is the reason when we chant snana Sankalpam in this place, people who are aware of this wonder chant- "Aatreya Bharadwaja sahita Akahanda Gowthami Snanam Karishye". We can not see this concurrency of this river in more places.
There is an epic related to this, Long time ago Masakapalli was with lot of Saints and Maharshis and were doing their rituals on the bank of this "Triveni Sangama". One Maharshi used to do his rituals there every day, was observing a "crow" coming and having its bath every early morning before sun rise and becoming like a "Swan" after the holy-dip in Godavari, the maharshi was just blianking of this wonder and aimed his Mantra Sakthi towards the swan. The swan came near the Saint, he was seeking further Who are you ? and Why are you taking a dip here everyday and How are you becoming like a Swan. Swan replying, oh Maharshi! I am Ganga Devi from Vaaranasi. Every day countless people will dip in me for the sake of vanising their Sins I am carrying all their sins and I am becoming impure, to vanish off all the sins I am having a holy dip at my Sister's Place. That Maharshi was wonderd for the power of the River and left the Swan post giving his forgives.
So, The river in this place is Supreme and very rich devotionally.
Another, Incident about this place was- very long time ago Masakapalli was in some other place, when ever flood comes this Place totally used to submerge and people have a habit migrating to other place, so like this 3 times happened and people were so choased and praying god for their health and welath losses. One day, Lord Malleswara Swamy had came into dream when the president of the Village was sleeping, Lord said, "Oh dear President! If you want to see your people in happy I need a temple in this place and "Laksha Archana" has to be done on every Masa Siva Rathri of Kartheeka Masam. As according to lord's order, president built a temple with the help of the Villagers and started doing the "Laksha Archana" it is being carried till today.

1. Dhulipala Surya Narayana Murthy(Late)--Ayurvedic Physician, Sanskrit Poet.
2. Dhulipala Maha Deva Mani- Avadhani.
3. Duvvuri Ramudu(Late) -- Ayurvedic Physician

1. Sree Parvathi Bramaramba sameta Sree Malleswara Swamy.
2. Sree Sree devi Bhoodevi sameta Sree Kesava Swamy.
3. Sree Masakapallamma, Velagallamma as Grama Devatas.
4. Sree Hanuman Temple.

1. Mittinti Venkata Surya Satya Sai Baba.
2. Dhulipala Subrahmaniyam.
3. Ayinavilli Bhaskaram.

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